Television and cable has lots of reality shows pitting average Joes and Janes against each other for viewer pleasure.

The contestants that don’t make the cut cry, carry on and the ones that go on to round two are happy, estatic…for now. Why are the shows popular? For starters, from a production standpoint, they are cheap to produce. Talent off the street, pick an exotic setting and use the grand hotel, estate or water back ground and voila. And back to why they are popular? We have to watch what they feed us and reality is a strong genre right now.  And putting ourselves in the place of the winner, the loser does what? A vicarious thrill of being something we are or are not and seeing ourselves in some of the contestant crowd that competes in sports, beauty, life skill. Where do you fit in and what show would you like to be on?

Is the life stage you are on where you want to be or would you like to be the next top amateur hobby farmer. Come to Maine. Would you like to run a small mom and pop grocery or buy some apartment rentals to fix up and putter on? Come to Maine.  If you just want to relax on a lake, river or own you own pond or waterfront property, come to Maine.  Maine, get here as fast as you can. Let me help you gain access to the state of Maine’s MLS listings and tell you about everything available in Southern Aroostook County, Northern Washington / Penobscot Counties for real estate in all price ranges, types, locations.

Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers