In small towns around Maine,  neighbors look out for each other.

     The village helps raise your kids, and you give back to local charities, local events, and pitch in coaching little league and other teams.  In cities, you are more guarded, more cautious. You do lock your doors, several times. You protect yourself  from loss of property and personal safety is on your mind daily. There are many places you avoid eye contact, you know there are risks and

Maine youth learn work ethic, earn their ipods, spending money.
Maine youth learn work ethic, earn their ipods, spending money.

your anxiety level increases.  Mortgages are larger, expenses to more burdensome, you live with higher traffic, more smog ridden areas. The difference in living is dramatic between rural and urban.  And you age prematurely from stress, the fast pace, worries in population centers. In rural less populated areas, the sky is bluer, you can see stars, you don’t carry a taser or wory about gangs or being robbed.

    In rural Maine, we have recreational options in our back yard, we have space, we volunteer to make our areas a better place to live, work and play.

     We live below our means, save money, and are grateful for what we do have. Our families are the most important  concern in all we do day in, day out.  We go to church. We seek to be better people, improve, read, learn. Kids have work ethic, work for what they need, what they have.

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