Land…there is lots of it in the world, in North America, in Maine. But what makes an area stand out from others beside just rolling land, woods, fields and the local terrain? The people. Folks raised on Maine farms, fish along the Maine coasts or that own their own small business struggle against life’s forces . But they are determined to make a living for their families and provide jobs for area neighbors.  It is not for the money, they live here for the quality of live.

I recently blogged about Smith and Wesson’s Houlton Maine plants news of producing the six millionth handcuff.  There are many Maine success stories. Ward Log Homes is located in Houlton Maine too and is the oldest

Six Million Handcuffs Made So Far At Houlton Maine S and W Plant

log home / cabin manufacturer in the country! 

     Why the success? Quality products or services provided by hard workers that have pride in their area, their jobs, themselves. Putting your all into an effort. Lazy is not a Maine tradition and these people want to live here, raise kids here and have very very low or no job turn over. Mainer’s are content, happy, where they are suppose to be. In the “Pine Tree State” or “Vacationland ” up here in the left hand corner of the country called Maine.

Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers