The gatlin rapid fire gun was introduced during the civil war in 1861 to reduce the number of deaths and the size of the northern army.

     The digital camera revolutionized picture taking in the same dramatic way. With a high pixel resolution the new images are the size of a barn or one of the smaller fifty states. Instead of accurate camera aim to capture the subject, new point and shoot cameras take in the subject and everything within three miles around it.

     You can now shoot elephant with the typical hand held and with a simple learning curve image editor, crop all

Hey, Come Back Here With My Frenc Fry Bird.
Hey, Come Back Here With My French Fry Bird.

what you don’t want with the remaining section of the image plenty big enough for clarity, size and application. Without concern for the cost of processing and the actual film expense per roll of unexposed medium, digital allows rapid fire image taking increasing the odds of a quality shot.
     I like to capture Maine both with a still digital camera and video clips to later edit into a movie that shows the flavor of Maine. The colors of the seasons, the sounds of a Maine spring, summer, fall and winter are so varied and special. Natural lighting during the magic twenty minutes before sunset or just after sunrise enhances the lake, ocean, mountain, woods or field scene. And when coupled with the unique hard working, down to earth character of Maine people, anyone can collect, post and share the essence of Maine.

     Salt and peppered in this MeInMaine blog, I hope to stock the shelves with bits and pieces of imagery, video, and copy that conveys my piece of Maine, what Maine means to me. This Maine video explains why I live in Maine, what my life journey has been so far. Our video efforts show everything from youth picking Maine potatoes video, to a local 4th of July 4 day Houlton ME celebration video, a Maine 14 inch snowstorm, local Maine tournament baseketball game or a local Maine hockey contest and everything in between. We also pay the bills with local Maine real estate videos mixed in between the community videos too. Scan roughly 900 of my Maine images over over 750 Maine blogs posts with video and imagery attached or embedded at ActiveRain and eventually in this home grown Maine local community living blog, MeInMaine.
Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers