Back in the 1800’s, 96% of us were farmers. Not alot of money, but…

Can You See The Forest For The Trees?
Can You See The Forest For The Trees?

everything around us paid for. The six cords of wood from the back land on the farm all stacked, split and drying over the summer to end in the woodshed or cellar for winter.

     Canning and perserving from the large garden and extra vegetables sold or used to barter services.  Your home is simple. You had built it many times in your head before putting your back into the process. You might build the next one different and could get a chance with one of your kids when they settle on that open hidden field down the road some day.
     Clothes are hung out to dry, the southern exposure brings in lots of sunshine and you have a few critters, some chickens, sheep, and cows for meat with names like Sirloin, Hamburg and Top Chuck. Your kids have chores in the morning and after school to do their part in the family operation. They feel appreciated, part of the family and are praised for jobs well done, or lovingly asked to re-do if their heart was not in the endeavor for their own good. Work ethic, grit, a feeling of self reliance. Our pioneers did it, could you?
ME REALTOR Andrew Mooers