My sons played hockey and trips back and forth to ice arenas in New Brunswick Canada were a big part of our winter acitivity as they grew up. Canadians from the Woodstock New Brunswick area visit Houlton to gas up, pick up some milk and zip back across. Where I live is only two miles from the US Canadian border. And to break up the winter, it is easy and fun to go thru the border to eat at German restaurant south of Woodstock on the Trans Canada highway, or to take in a movie. You literally can leave the country..for the afternon or evening. Canadians have the same privledge due to our proximity and connection with the dollar/looney tied together affecting the local economies of both Houlton and Woodstock. Here’s what the border crossing looks like.

US – Canadian Border Crossing In Houlton Maine


ME REALTOR Andrew Mooers US - Canadian Border Crossing In Houlton Maine